Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year~


say goodbye to 2010, and say hello to 2011~

2day (i mean yday) aki went out with her friends. she brought back this thing!!!!

AHHH~~~~TOSHI and SAITO!!!!!

Saturday, December 25, 2010


this anime is base on the real history of Japan. i swear, i wont ever watch this type of anime again!!!it wont have happy ending!damn sad!!!but i like the characters in it. nice~~=)


Hijikata Toshizo~~my favourite~~

Okida Souji...2nd

Saito Hajime..3rd

Todo Heisuke...

Yamanami Keisuke..

Harada Sanosuke...

Nagakura Shinpachi...

so fast, school is going to start soon. i'm already form 4!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve

today is Christmas Eve. celebrated at my house with cousins. we had spagetti, roasted chicken, rosted potato, salad, some ham and sausages, pork rib and smash peas for dinner.

Daddy planned a game. he prepared few pieces of paper with some words on it, then let us choose. opened the paper, and go find the present with the words that match with the words on the paper you choose. mine, Asam=Laksa. aki's, Roti=Canai. bro's, Ais=Kacang. yx's, Nasi=Lemak. kj's, Mi=Rebus. kx's i forget already. i opened my present, it was the cup!!that i go out with wy they all and saw my parents was choosing the cup.=) blue colour one. kx and kj got the present which same as their birthday present we gave them. haha~aki get a hardisc(its not the game one...another present)!!! 1tb!!!!(1tb=1000gb)

after daddy, its Aunt Susan's turn. it was my favourite CHOCOLATE!!! aki get a box of butter cookies. after washed all the plates, we played SNAP. wow! laugh until no voice already. tomorrow cant speak already. =.="...

at last,


Thursday, December 23, 2010

Great Day~

what a great day~
get my result know what?


hard to believe it. i get straight a's!!!! until now i still cant believe, cant believe I WIN AKI-CHAN!!!!hehe~

dont know how to react when i took my result. just heard the teacher called my name then i went up to the stage and took my paper.

when came home after shopping with Y4wen, everyone started to call me to ask my result.=)


and also..congratz to nic and wy~=)
am really happy now. feel like i'm dreaming. unbelievable!!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Damai Laut

hello everyone~i'm back.=) i know i've already long time didnt update my blog. sorry~^-^ i have no idea what to blog.

just only came back from Damai Laut, a place at Perak. i'm so excited when heard that we're going to beach but it was quite disappointed.=( the hotel and food were not bad but the beach was very sorry..=.="...the sea water was not very clean. i had over expected.=.=..i was thinking that the sea water is as crystal clear as the sea water at Sabah.

the 1st day, had lunch at Sitiawan and then head straight to the hotel. it was quite far. took a long time to reach the hotel. the hotel room was okay. there was not very much things to play. not really wanted to play in the sea. the 2nd day, went to Lumut and Pantai Remis. just sat in the car.

the last day, checked out after breakfast. stopped by at Teluk Intan for lunch and continue the journey back home.

going to upload photos to FB tomorrow.

sooo nervous........its the day after tomorrow. =( i'm going to face my result...
but after taking result i'm going out with Y4wen(just 4 only) tyhe first time my parents allow me to go out with friends~=)

k i'm tired now. going to sleep~=)nitez~ Lili~i'm coming~=P

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Toki wo kakeru Shoujou

just now watched Toki wo Kakeru Shoujou with aki. you know what?Yuya is in the drama!!!haha~and he is very funny!!!

can you imagine..this is Yuya!!!!OMG!!

Thursday, December 9, 2010


tuesday that day we went to Bukit Tinggi. its was nt very cold, but its nt hot too. just suitable for us to go walked around.=) saw the swans, two black one and two white one. uploaded the photos to facebook.=)

watched Rapunzel that day. nice! the disney movies i like the most within these years. like the Maximus the most and, of course, like Pascal too..=) The movie is awesome~some part of the movie is cute and funny.haha~especially is the 1st part, the frying pan part. ^-^ and also the part Maximus and Yugene fighting. likes some of the soudtrack too.

this part is so touched!!=)

so fast, its already December. there's only few weeks left before i need to face the cruel moment ---- taking my result...=( and zhe zhe is going back to Singapore tomorrow. everything is back to normal.

Saturday, December 4, 2010


long time didnt update my blog..=) already 1 month..hehe~

something funny happen these days.

that night, zhe zhe slept with my brother. this is their conversation --->

zhe zhe:" gor gor, 那个风扇会掉下来吗?"
my brother:" 不会啦"
zhe zhe:" 可是它一直在摇耶"

after that, zhe zhe keep talking. in the end, my brother said...

(ps: 大哲--my brother 小哲--zhe zhe)


that night, something funnier happen. its not very good to write it here. =)

these days didnt often online. if online also a while only because everytime when i on the computer zhe zhe say he want to play.

last tuesday went to The Mines to watch Megamind. after that we went to book fair. i bought some of 东野圭吾's books.

watched Harry Potter 7 last wednesday with aki, my brother ang my cousin. nice!!waiting for part 2. =)

oh ya!
Happy Birthday to Ice Lemon Tea..haha~