Monday, December 29, 2008


2day...we go picnic at Morib...
dlm start rainin...den after a few stop...den we hope dat it will nt rain when we r playin at de beach...
when we reach there...there was no de wind so kuat...after a start rain..wuuu...

so we picnic 1st...b4 we go down 2 de sea...
we play swing at de playground...when i was playin de swing...i remember a song...


荡秋千 来回终究要停在原点 
望太远 眼前幸福却忽略
晃半圈 圆不了爱恋 
高一遍低一遍 风就吹散了永远
还想为妳摇秋千 对着夕阳扮鬼脸
若月光再美一点 我们会否把手牵
还想被妳碎碎念 当数流星的配乐
荡秋千 来回终究要停在原点 
望太远 眼前幸福却忽略
晃半圈 圆不了爱恋 
高一遍低一遍 风就吹散了永远
还想为妳摇秋千 对着夕阳扮鬼脸
若月光再美一点 我们会否把手牵
还想被妳碎碎念 当数流星的配乐

妳却说妳等不到天亮 空秋千陪整夜
秋千和我失眠 在妳影子身边
这公园太想念 妳无邪的笑脸
还想为妳摇秋千 对着夕阳扮鬼脸
若月光再美一点 我们会否把手牵
还想被妳碎碎念 当数流星的配乐

dat time it was we r " lin yu zhong "(Rynn Lin Yu Chong)....hahahaha...
after eatin...we go de beach...
eww~de beach is so many rubbish at there...n lalat...
juz walk a while dy oni..den it start rainin again we go 2 de restoran(mamak)...wait there till de rain stop...
omg~de restoran is so dirty...
when de rain start...we go play again...dis time dun hv rain dy...
we found gt ppl juz cum back from de sea...dey caught sum fish...
den my mom go n see wat dey gt...dey put all de fish dey gt at sea near de beach...
den we go n catch fish...we caught many fish(put in de beach set...)so small pail...
n a big crab...
my mom saw a dunno wat colour wan...dunno wat thing is dat...
den we go n put de fish back 2 de sea...sum fish pura-pura die dy wan us put it back 2 de sea...
when we put it back 2 de fish fastly swim away...
gt 1 fish pura die a long time...we tot dat it is realy die juz a fish swim again...(omg..) pandai pura...

den we goin back dy...

so fast goin back skul next week dy...haiz~

Sunday, December 28, 2008


1st time i do de tag dat been tagged by aki...hehe...
y oni tag me oni???

1) poskan gambar 4 orang yg anda rasa mukanya photogenik

2) perkenalkan mereka / link dan kenapa korg rasa mereka photogenik

Taijou ~ Ju Ni Shin favourite...(n Saiki)...

Shirogane ~ so cute!!!!

Michel ~ is a she menyamar 2 a guy...

Kazuki ~ lyk a girl....!!!!



2day we go Ikea wif Aunt Susan 4 shoppin...
yday aki go n ask kaori-chan hw 2 go 2 Ikea cz we dunnno hw 2 go...
den she go internet 2 find de map...

2day wake up at must go early...sked will dun hv parkin / trafic jam...
when we reach there(after find here find there)...there were many ppl dy...
we go shop here shop there till 2.00pm...den we go eat lunch...
we buy a lot of things...aki buy dy 2 frame 4 de puzzle...den Aunt Susan oso buy dy 1 frame...

we go eat lunch at a restoran name ' Lan Guai Fong '...dat makes aki very angry...
after we order...den we wait la(dis dun hv anithing la...)..den my father's cum 1st...den my1...
after all of our's meal cum...aki n my bro's hvn cum...n de drinks hvn cum too....
after i finish dy my meal...aki n my bro's meal oso hvn cum...n de drinks too...
den aki very angry dy...she say she dun wan 2 eat dy...
den we go n ask de waiter y so late oso hvn waiter think we wan 2 ask y de drinks hvn cum yet...
he say de machine of de drinks spoil dy...
den my bro very angry n say: " de drinks dun hv cum cz de machine spoil...den de meal dun hv cum mean de cooker die dy lar? "
aki was very agree wif wat my bro say...

den my bro's meal cum dy...n de drinks too...
aki was so angry
den de food finaly it is nt de 1 dat aki order...aki gt order dat 1 bt she change dy...
she say if de food cum dy she oso dun wan 2 eat...den de food cum dy...
Encle Yeong pujuk she eat...den she eat dy...she say a little bit oso cnt left...

when we go back...its start rainin...

haiz~2day oso cnt late 2mrw must wake up early...we goin 2 picnic...

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Pulau Ketam

2day 28 dec 2008...we go 2 Pulau Ketam wif Aunt Susan...
sleep nt very early last night...almost 2.00am dy..baru i go n wanna rite letter den go n read Harry Potter 1st...>.<

wake up at 8.00am...den finish preparing at 8.30am...den go eat breakfast...
wait till 9.30am cz must wait 4 Aunt Susan 2 cum back from Melaka...
den we ride Aunt Susan's car 2 go 2 her car is more bigger den ours...her car is Avanza...
mom, aki n me sit at de back there...i becum a sandwish...i sit in de middle of them...juz lyk de meat in de bugger...n dey r de bread...
we reach de ferry at boat nnt 2 buy tickets b4 u go up...
de boat is so hot in there...feel lyk doin sona...SO HOT!!!!...
when we go up...there were no more sits...juz found 1...dat is beside a my mom call me 2 sit at there...den my cousin sit at my leg...the other no place 2 sit dy...
aki still scare she will last time when we go Langkawi...she gt vomit at de dat time she gt eat nasi lemak b4 goin up 2 de dis time she very sked will vomit...
de 1st thing we do after reach Pulau Ketam is eat hungry dy...
we eat at a restoran...we eat shark meat at there...n ofcz la eat seafood wan...
den we go walk around Pulau Ketam...there so many ketam at there(ofcz name of de island is Pulau KETAM ma...)XD
we saw gt ppl is neatin de fish net...den we go walk around de village...there gt no car...n oni gt bic...dey all juz ride bic oni...
after dat...we go n find where can buy de fish or prawn...we go n ask de ppl at there...n wrongly go 2 many place...we hv walk many ' yuan wang lu' >.<...
walk till my leg very pain dy...i sked sked when i walk at de wood bride...sked it will fall down(lyk london bride is falling down falling down falling down...)XD...
we saw a cute little black was still very small...

it almost 4 o'clock dy...goin back...
dis time...we fast fast go n rampas de end every1 gt place 2 sit dy...oni Encle Yeong n aki dun hv place 2 see...actualy aki gt place 2 sit she prefer standin more den she say she will feel lyk wanna vomit if she she let de place 2 Aunt Susan...
we back home at almost 5.00pm...we eat dinner b4 goin back home...


Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas~!!!!

2day is christmas...
i received a present 2 day....
my father gv 1...
wat izit??
dat is...a 8gb pendrive!!!!...
blue colour wan(my favourite)...
it's so beautiful...
i so lyk my pendrive...
my bro oso gt a pendrive...oso 8 gb...
bt pattern nt same wif mine n his wan is black colour wan...
nt very nice...>.<...

we hv roasted chicken...potato dog...4 dinner...
so yummy...

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Cameron Highlands~

juz cum back from cameron...
its so fun

22 dec 2008
last night sleep early coz 2day must wake up early...
2day wake up at 7.30am...
after put those things in2 de car...
we start our travel at 9.00am...tepat tepat 9 o'clock...
we eat our breakfast in de car...
we reach cameron at 12.30pm(mayb...coz i 4gt dy de time...)
we go 2 de hotel be4 we go n eat our lunch...
name of de hotel is ' Strawberry Park'
hehe...aki saw ' leng chai' at de reception counter guy very lyk Lee Jun cute...=.=...she wan me 2 take a pic of dat guy...den send 2 dun hv take la...coz de guy always move here move there...can't take de pic...(aki say i'm stupid...T-T...its nt my de guy always move here move there...T_T)
be4 we go 2 cameron...aki is aim-ing de tea break...
de tea break is so dissapointed...oni gt 2 muffin n a cup of tea...
haiz~...we tot is lyk wat we saw at de tv...
dat is so dissapointed....haiz~
after dat we go back 2 de hotel 2 rest a while...
den we go n walk over de hotel...
den we go de pasar malam at de Brinchang there...
we buy a lot of food 2 eat....
den we go 2 a steamboot shop 2 hv our dinner...
its so a little of food oni...nt very kenyang after eatin dat steamboot...>.<
so we go back 2 de hotel 2 eat de things dat we buy at de pasar malam after we bath bergilir-gilir...coz de apartment oni gt 1 'ma fan'
de hotel we live is lyk apartment lyk 2 room...1 kitchen...a balconi...n living room
go toilet oso very ma fan...must lock 3 doors(1 from living room...2 from de 2 room...)...dat means when u go toilet oso must let de ppl in de hole world noe dat u r goin toilet...haiz~ so ma fan...
sleep at 12.00am...

23 dec 2008
wake up at 8.00am...coz must hurry go n eat de buffet breakfast oni open till must hurry...
last night...can't sleep propely...coz de aki-chan is non stop rampas my blanket...
eh...dat is so coll u noe...
n she...haiz dun wan 2 say la...later she cum n bite(nt i wrongly realy BITE) me....>.<
de breakfast is expensive n nothin 2 eat...
saw dat 'leng chai' again...
after breakfast we go back 2 de apartment n change clothes coz we r goin out 2 de Brinchang n find sumthin 2 do...
we go 2 see de place dat sell cactus...there many flower there too...
we take pix at de flower dat we hvn saw dat type of flower b4...its so beautiful...
de cactus oso gt many type of shape...sum is lyk worms...
den we go 2 de shop dat sell cenderamata...go n buy sum...we eat ice-cream there(i noe wanna say me crazy coz eat ice-cream at cameron dat is cool...XD)...
i eat strawberry flavour...aki eat bro eat dunno wat fruit punye(i 4gt dy wat name izit...sumthin lyk ' ai qing guo '...) mother eat campur 2 flavour wan(my1 +my bro's wan)
den we go eat lunch near de pasar malam we go yesterday...there gt a shop name ' Strawberry Moment'...aki very lyks dat shop...coz she saw de strawberry desert very nice n looks lyk very yummy...
so we go there n buy desert 4 our lunch...i eat chocolate bro eat strawberry mosse...n aki dunno eat wat dy...coz i oni remember wat de desert looks dunno its name...XD
we eat dinner at apartment(even there gt a memo say NO COOKING at there...>.<)
b4 dinner we go de playground n play...
after eat dinner...almost 10.00pm...we hv our supper....
den sleep at 12.00am

24 dec 2008
so fast...gonna go home dy...T.T...
we eat breakfast at de de bread dat we buy at 22 dec...>.<...
we dun wan 2 eat de hotel breakfast coz we sked ade org muntah when we goin back home...XD...nt me...
we buy 2 BIG STRAWBERRY PILLOWS when we goin back home...
1 4 my bro n 1 4 me n aki...
reach home at 3.00pm...
eat maggi 4 my lunch...sambil watch tv show--西游记

wanna see photo?...go aki blog n see...i dun hv put coz when i rite dis post...aki hvn transfer de photo from her new h/p 2 de i dun hv put...mayb i put at de friendster...

Merry Christmas~

Sunday, December 21, 2008

^^3rrY CI-Ir!sT^^As!!!!

we wish you a merry christmas
we wish you a merry christmas
we wish you a merry christmas
n a happy new year!!!

CHRISTMAS comin!!!!!!!!

yeah!!!2mrw goin Cameron~

2mite goin 2 pack my beg...2mrw must wake up early~


2day is 冬至
a chinese festival...
we eat 汤圆..
dis afternoon...after i watch Hana-Kimi...aki-chan n i go help mama do 汤圆...
we do a new 汤圆...CHOCOLATE 汤圆!!!!
so YUMMY!!!!!!!
we oso gt do another 汤圆...

pix pix~

ofcz la...wat we do is nt lyk dis wan...juz pix dat i find at google oni...hehe
aki-chan 2day gt party at sakyou's hse...
a christmas party....
aki buy dy a present 4 de party...
dey all buy a present den go exchange wif de chocoholic team...
wuuuu~...i wanna go too~

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

JJ Lin~!!!!!

AAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!...JJ Lin on tv!!!!!!!!!!!!!omg!!!!!!
last sunday(14/12) tv gt a live concert...jj lin is takin part too...!!!!!!!!!!!
i dun hv imatori go youtube n find...den send it 2 me...haha...thnx thnx...

JJ Lin -- Bu Chao Bu Ying Hua Qian

JJ Lin -- Xiao Jiu Wo

JJ Lin -- Yi Qian Nian Yi Hou

wah~!!!!VERY NICE!!!!
aki...u say i copy u oso i wan 2 put...hahahaha

Friday, December 12, 2008

Lyric~Monochrome Kiss

Monochrome Kiss--Kuroshitsuji

Deai ni iro wa nakute monokuro fukinukeru
Itami goto kimi yudanemashou
Kizuato tsuyoku nazoru youshanai aki ga kitte
Suzushii yubi temaneku mama ni

Toketa to no yakkai na koori mitai na watashi wo
Yasashiku sukutte uwakuchibiru de asobu

Soredemo hitotsu no ai no katachi wo sagasu
Tooku yori mo ima wo musunda kareta hitomi wa
Dekireba kono mama tsutsumarete owaritai
Futari de himeta awai hada tsuki mo kakureteru

Are kara ikuraka yoru suki ni mo narimashita
Izon no umi iki mo wasurete

Muchuu no sono temae de namanuru sa dake nokoshite
Hikigiwa no bigaku tokuige na KISSU kirau

Hitori ni shinai de mou sasshite ayamete
Dono kotoba mo kimi no heya de wa surinukete yuku no
Midarete nemutte sore ijou wo oshiete?
Egao no toi ni mayou toiki tsuki dake ga miteru

Tsugi no nagai hairi ga tenjou ni todoku hyoro ni wa
Kimi wa mou inai watashi wa mou iranai

Soredemo tashika ni ai no katachi wo sagashita
Tooku yori mo ima wo musunda nureta hitomi wa
Dekireba kono mama tsutsumarete owaritai
Sono negai wa yoru wa munashiku asa wo tsuretekuru

Yasashikute atsukute hikyou na KISSU deI
rodotte yo saigo no yoru tsuki ga terashiteru

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Lyric~Gorgeous 4U

Gorgeous 4U--Special A
~Fukuyama Jun

dare ni mo watashitakunai
tsuyoku kagayaita kyou no ichi PEEJI

awai PASUTERU no sora ga niji no iro ni somatta na
sore ga hajimari no SAIN kanjiru BEAT WAVE
kimi to kizamu ima wo JOY TO THE LIFE

daremo ga urayamu kurai
mirai koete yukou
yume o tataeaou

hagemashi atte koboreta
namida sono kazu dake
takaku toberun da


tadashii kotae o motomete omou mama ni susundeku
sore ga bokura no SUTAIRU abiyou BEAT WAVE
shoubu shiyou
donna koto mo ima wa

dare yori jiyuu na ai de mirai miageyou
yume o waraiaou
dakiai chikara awaseta kizuna itsumade demo

kimi to aruku ima o JOY TO THE LIFE

dare nimo watashitakunai
tsuyoku kagayaita kyou no ichi PEEJI
kawashita bokutachi dake no
himitsu doko made demo taisetsu ni suru yo


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Lyric~Love Is...

Love Is...--Terra E
~Miliyah Kato

Kanashimi wo kakaete
Mou nani mo mienakute
Ikiru imi shiritai
Watashi wa koko ni iru

Igamiai kitsuzukeai
Mogaite nando onaji you ni
Zutto sagashitsuzuketeita no
Ai wo motome samayou kibou

Love is...this nani ga attemo
Te wo tsunagi watashitachi wa ikite yukou
Kanashii koto ga attemo
Trust you baby zutto anata no koto shinjiteru yo

Mukiau koto osorete nando teburi harattemo
Nigiru te wo hanasanai anata wa akiramenai

Hitotsu hitotsu omoikaeshitemo
Yappari anata no zutto tonari ni itai
Watashi ga sagashiteita hito

Love is...this ima chikau yo
Watashi wa anata dake miteru kara
"Aishiteru" nandomo iu wa
Watashi wa zutto anata no koto aishiteru yo

I know why I love you
Douka Baby please
Eien ni tsuzuku ai no akashi wo
Yakusoku shiyou
Kono hi wo matteita matteita no.
If you make a promise baby ... yeah yeah yeah

Love is...this ima chikau yo
Watashi wa anata dake miteru kara
"Aishiteru" nandomo iu wa
Watashi wa zutto anata no koto aishiteru yo

Love is...this ima chikau yo
Watashi wa anata dake miteru kara
"Aishiteru" nandomo iu wa
Watashi wa zutto anata no koto aishiteru yo

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Lyric~My Fairy

My Fairy--Hakushaku To Yosei
~Midorikawa Hikaru

Hikari no naka ni mita sono sugata hakanaku
Mabushisa ni hosometa me no mae ni koi no kaze
Hitomi no naka no mizuumi wa
Ryoute de dakishimetara oboresou de

Moshi hitotsu dake negai kanau nara futari de arukitai zutto
Itsuwari darake no kono sora de soba ni ite yo…my fairy

Mado no soto ni yureru kodoku o mitsumete wa
Kimi no mune no oku no shinjitsu o sagashiteru
Nee kono kako o nugutte kure
Hajimete aishita hito namida o koe

Moshi hitotsu dake negai kanau nara futari de mitsuketai ai
Nukumori yori mo fukai no sa kono omoi wa…my fairy

Sono kuchibiru ni furetai sugu ni
Miteru no wa yume ja naku futari no mirai
Moshi hitotsu dake negai kanau nara futari de arukitai zutto
Itsuwari darake no kono sora de soba ni ite yo…my fairy

Aa setsunai yoru o kazoetara kitto kiri nado nai dakara
Kotoba yori mo taisetsu da to tsutaetai yo…my fairy

Monday, December 8, 2008

List of Anime Character~

list of de anime character dat i lyk

*Kuran Kaname-Vampire Knight
*Ichijou Takuma-Vampire Knight
*Shiki Senri-Vampire Knight
*Kiryu Zero-Vampire Knight
*Minamoto Koji-Digimon Frontier
*Juni Shinsho~Rikugou(Saiki)-Shounen Onmyouji
*Juni Shinsho~Touda(Guran)-Shounen Onmyouji
*Juni Shinsho~Taijou-Shounen Onmyouji
*Shi Ryuuki-Saiunkoku Monogatari
*Shi Seiran(Seien)-Saiunkoku Monogatari
*Li Koyu-Saiunkoku Monogatari
*Ran Shuei-Saiunkoku Monogatari
*Takishima Kei-Special A
*Saiga Yahiro-Special A
*Train Heartnet-Black Cat
*Uchiha Sasuke-Naruto
*Nikkaido Akira-Monochrome Factor
*Shirogane-Monochrome Factor
*Yuri(Maoh)-Kyou Kara Maoh
*Tsukimori Len-La Corda D'Oro
*Yunoki Azuma-La Corda D'Oro
*Athrun Zala-Gundam Seed
*Michel Volban de Cabelle-Garakan
*Edgar J.C. Ashenbert-Hakushaku To Yosei
*Fuuchoin Kazuki-Getbackers
*Archer-Fate Stay Night
*Assasin-Fate Saty Night
*Gilgamesh-Fate Stay Night
*Suoh Tamaki-Ouran High School Host Club
*Ootori Kyoya-Ouran High School Host Club
*Hitachiin Hikaru-Ouran High School Host Club
*Hitachiin Kaoru-Ouran High School Host Club
*Rayne-Neo Angelique Abyss
*Roche-Neo Angelique Abyss
*Fuji Shusuke-The Prince of Tennis
*Tezuka Kunimitsu-The Prince of Tennis
*Kudo Shinichi-Detective Conan

de meanin of de colour is same wif last post...hehe

List of Anime~

de list of de anime dat i hv watch b4:

*Vampire Knight
*Special A
*La Corda D'oro
*Saiunkoku Monogatari
*Shounen Onmyouji
*Black Cat
*The Prince Of Tennis
*Yakitate Japan
*Ouran High School Host Club
*Kyou Kara Maoh
*Final Fantasi 7
*D N Angel
*Blood +
*Detective Conan
*Digimon 01-04
*Hakushaku To Yosei
*Fate Stay Night
*Gundam Seed

diff colour gt diff meanin
blue-'S' gred
green-'A' gred
white-hvn watch will watch soon
yellow-juz watch abit oni
*Shaman King

dats de meanin

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Special A

juz finish de anime-Special A...dis is a very funny anime....oso a little bit lyk Ouran High School Host Club....character is:

*Takishima Kei

*Hanakono Hikari

*Yamamoto Jun

*Yamamoto Megumi
*Karino Tadashi
*Toudou Akira

*Tsuji Ryuu

*Saiga Yahiro


*Kei' grandfather's workers(littlebit lyk Lelouch...)

de last three persons is come out from half of de anime...
k la...dun wan say dy...nanti sakyou come n kill me...hehe...coz she hvn watch yet...hehe

Monday, December 1, 2008


congratulations that SPM is finally over...