Saturday, July 16, 2011

the last Harry Potter

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2. the last movie of the Harry Potter series. its been 10 years.

waited for so long, and now, i already watched the last movie of the series. there is no more Harry Potter movie to be waited next year.

this is the best movie ever!! even they changed something in the movie, but it is still nice!!

his son is soooo cute and good looking.

feel like want to watch the movie again and again and again.

re-watching Digimon. i think its the first anime i watched. just only finish watching Digimon Advanture 01. going to continue 02 tonight. =)

aww~ feel like want to re-watch 07 Ghost~ planning..=)

Friday, June 3, 2011

Rompin (1/6/2011 - 3/6/2011)

went for a trip to Rompin. 3 days 2 night. decided at last minutes. today book the hotel, tomorrow go. we also went to Mersing and JB. so its like

[KL --> Kuala Pilah --> Rompin --> Mersing --> JB]

its almost half of the "sweet potato".

actually we went to JB is to fetch zhe zhe. =)

day 1, 1/6/2011

woke up early. packed everything and started the journey. ate breakfast at Kajang. after 3-4 hours, we reached Rompin. ate our lunch at the town and headed to the hotel. talking about the lunch, its damn expensive!!! will remember not to go to that restaurant again. [p/s: chinese tea for 5 people = RM 10!!!] reached the hotel around 3. that hotel is sooo quiet. not many people. i think for the 1st day its only 2 or 3 family there only. checked in and rest for a while, then headed to the BEACH!! we just walked along the beach. taking photos. then we went out for dinner. dinner is much more better than the lunch and is cheaper. brought back two packets of crabs and a packet of fried squid for SUPPER!![fattening..=.=] discussed want to stay at Rompin for the next day or not during supper. actually its quite boring at there without any activities. the decision was, checked out early, go back home.

day 2, 2/6/2011

daddy and mummy woke up early to see the sun rise. i was too lazy and sleepy so i didnt go. after breakfast, [the breakfast is very simple, just nasi lemak, porridge and bread] we planned to go to the beach and after that went home, but my father met the GM of the hotel at the staircase. the GM offered us to stay for another night, and we can play all the activities at the hotel for FREE! including the ATV!!! and they will planned a treasure hunt for us. we also can went for the jungle tracking. we discussed and decided to stay for another night. so the activities for day 2 is [jungle tracking --> ATV --> lunch --> treasure hunt --> afternoon tea --> BEACH!] i drove the ATV. it was great! but i'm scared to drove so fast. my brother and Dingie drove very fast, but Dingie got problem for u-turn. ate dinner and, yes, crabs for supper. =P the end of day 2.

day 3, 3/6/2011

ate breakfast and played woodballs. surprisingly, woodball was nice. its a game looks like golf but the ball is heavier, bigger and the thing to move the ball is like a hammer. [imagine, like the game played in Alice in Wonderland.] get the lowest mark..=( after bath, checked out and headed to Mersing. reached Mersing after 1 hour. ate lunch there and headed to JB after bought some 海产. called Aunt Ling to ask her packed for zhe zhe. reached JB around 6. waited Aunt Ling at City Square. after met them, we had dinner together and Aunt Ling went back to Singapore, zhe zhe followed us to KL. reached home at 1 a.m.

planning to go to the book fair at The Mines tonight. =) exciting! i want to buy books! i'm now out of novels to read!

Friday, May 27, 2011

after exam..

hehe..its been another long time i didnt update my blog.xP

mid-term exam just only over. overall not bad just [normally] sejarah very hard.=P i already get my chemistry paper[so fast!]

after exam, is the thing i always excited about. many things waiting me to do.
1.) cut my hair
2.) read the novel.
3.) Tegamibachi Reverse!
4.) re-watch Digimon Adventure!
5.) read novel borrowed from jx.
6.) finish Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi's manga.
and the most important is...memorise yuya new single's song lyrics.=) haha~

tick for cut my hair. =)
my hair never been that short after standard 6 =)


Sunday, April 3, 2011


Matsushita Yuya's new song~ Naturally~~

covers of all eight versions for his new single~

like this one the most~~

not very like this one...

-Back to Love (limited editionand regular edition)

-Donna Toki Mo (N*1)

-Himitsu no Hanazono (N*2)

-Kisetsu ga Kimi Dake wo Kaeru (N*3)

-Kowarekake no Radio (N*4)

-Love Story wa Totsuzen ni (N*5)

-Yume de Aetara (N*6)

today no school because yesterday road run [eventhough i didnt attend >.<]. thinking wan to attend tuition for physics or not. i cant understand what the teacher teach at all. so blur~


oh~finally! wanted so long to watch this drama. its quite violent and 18. i shouldn't watch this drama, but i could break the rules for yuya~~ =P its only 9 episodes.[so short!!] actually i just wan to see yuya only. he is so cute in the drama. its totally different with his image. when i watched the first episode, i was so shocked! totally spoiled his image!! but after watching episode 2, "its okay la..he so funny and cute~" fighting a lot in the drama, very bloody. i cant imagine yuya "kap-lui"!! i like to see him to be with main girl character because he will become so cute and talking non-sense then get hit by the girl. haha~
Matsushita Yuya -- Takeru~

kap-lui ing... =P

actually he wants to say:" i wan to buy drugs." but he dont know how to write and speak chinese so he asked the girl to write it on a paper. the girl trick him. she wrote:" i wan to buy xiao long bao" hahaha~

Thursday, March 10, 2011

after exam...

just only finish exam. overall is okay. just sejarah!! pleasee...dont get F for sejarah..=(.

get my physic and bi paper already. 83 for physic and 86 for bi! yeah~

1st day of and physic..

2nd and chem..
bina ayat for bm got two sentences confirm wrong already..=D
chem, quite easy...

3rd day..sej and math..
sej..haiz..many dont know how to do..
math!!!ahhh!!i dont know why that time i cant get the answer..but when i went back and ask ding dong..after i get the answer by the method i use during exam..haiz..12 marks!!!bye bye~ i counted before..for math paper, i will lost minimum 14 marks!!minimum!!haiz..=(

4th and moral..
bio is easier then i thought. luckily i last minute got memorise the feeding of amoeba..=)
moral, as usual, just write wat i wan to write =P

5th day..add math..
quite easy, for me, but got one question not very sure how to do. later go ask ding dong.=P

so just sejarah ko..all ok..=)

2mrw still need to go back to school for sivik =(

going to start Getbackers tomorrow~ =)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011



this year is rabbit year~ so...

Happy Rabbit Year~ =)
[ray's rabbit =P]