Sunday, April 3, 2011


Matsushita Yuya's new song~ Naturally~~

covers of all eight versions for his new single~

like this one the most~~

not very like this one...

-Back to Love (limited editionand regular edition)

-Donna Toki Mo (N*1)

-Himitsu no Hanazono (N*2)

-Kisetsu ga Kimi Dake wo Kaeru (N*3)

-Kowarekake no Radio (N*4)

-Love Story wa Totsuzen ni (N*5)

-Yume de Aetara (N*6)

today no school because yesterday road run [eventhough i didnt attend >.<]. thinking wan to attend tuition for physics or not. i cant understand what the teacher teach at all. so blur~


oh~finally! wanted so long to watch this drama. its quite violent and 18. i shouldn't watch this drama, but i could break the rules for yuya~~ =P its only 9 episodes.[so short!!] actually i just wan to see yuya only. he is so cute in the drama. its totally different with his image. when i watched the first episode, i was so shocked! totally spoiled his image!! but after watching episode 2, "its okay la..he so funny and cute~" fighting a lot in the drama, very bloody. i cant imagine yuya "kap-lui"!! i like to see him to be with main girl character because he will become so cute and talking non-sense then get hit by the girl. haha~
Matsushita Yuya -- Takeru~

kap-lui ing... =P

actually he wants to say:" i wan to buy drugs." but he dont know how to write and speak chinese so he asked the girl to write it on a paper. the girl trick him. she wrote:" i wan to buy xiao long bao" hahaha~