Thursday, March 10, 2011

after exam...

just only finish exam. overall is okay. just sejarah!! pleasee...dont get F for sejarah..=(.

get my physic and bi paper already. 83 for physic and 86 for bi! yeah~

1st day of and physic..

2nd and chem..
bina ayat for bm got two sentences confirm wrong already..=D
chem, quite easy...

3rd day..sej and math..
sej..haiz..many dont know how to do..
math!!!ahhh!!i dont know why that time i cant get the answer..but when i went back and ask ding dong..after i get the answer by the method i use during exam..haiz..12 marks!!!bye bye~ i counted before..for math paper, i will lost minimum 14 marks!!minimum!!haiz..=(

4th and moral..
bio is easier then i thought. luckily i last minute got memorise the feeding of amoeba..=)
moral, as usual, just write wat i wan to write =P

5th day..add math..
quite easy, for me, but got one question not very sure how to do. later go ask ding dong.=P

so just sejarah ko..all ok..=)

2mrw still need to go back to school for sivik =(

going to start Getbackers tomorrow~ =)