Saturday, November 20, 2010



these days very interested in writing japanese words. copied a lots of lyrics. alomost all from Kuroshitsuji Musical(KuroMyu)..=)
  1. Keiyaku
  2. Checkmate
  3. Black and White
  4. Shinigami Hakken Kyoukai no Theme
  5. Sen no Tamashi to Ochita Shinigami

and some of Yuya's songs..=)

  1. LOL
  2. Hallucination
  3. Futari
  4. Sono toki made no sayonara
  5. Bird

now still everytime on computer oso go watch KuroMyu..=)...only the dancing part and the ending part~~^_^

yeah~2day zhe zhe come. =P

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Kuroshitsuji Musical

運命の夜が 幕を開ける
追い詰めた獲物 仕留めますか?
お前は悪魔で ただの手駒
けれど最強の 執事だから
命令こそがすべて この身捧げ

黒に 白に チェスに
さあ チェックメイトを
王に 僕に 誓う 誓え

クリスタルパレス そこが舞台
千の魂が 闪光放つ
あり得ない事が 起きています
仕組まれた罠が 招く悲劇

黒に 白に 染まる チェスに
さあ チェックメイトを
罪と 罰が 交わす あいふ
あのオペラハウスで オペラハウスで

黒に 白に 染まる チェスに
さあ チェックメイトを
王に 僕に 誓う 誓え

Black and White

Kuroshitsuji Musical

あなたのその声 夜に響く
契約のもとに 願うままに
お前はあくまで ただの手駒
僕の手のひらで 夜におとる
命令こそがすべて この身捧げ
黒に 白に 染まる チェスに
さあ チェックメイトを
王に 僕に 誓う 誓え

anata no sono koe yourini hibiku
keiyaku no motoni negau mama ni
omae wa akuma de tada no tegoma
boku no teno hirade yoru ni otoru
mei rei kosoga subete kono mi sasage
kuroni shironi somaru chess ni
saa checkmate wo
ouni bokuni chikau chikae
shinjitsu wo sasa geru

Monday, November 15, 2010

The most Beautiful DEATH in the world

Kuroshitsuji Musical..[KuroMyu] nice~
OST oso very nice~~=)
this Ciel is too cute~
Sebastian - Matsushita Yuya~~~=)



attended my cousin's wedding..

me..before going for lunch..=)

before dinner..

during dinner...wif aki and cousin..

wif ding..

wif ding and jer before dinner..

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

my 2010 Birthday~

this is 300th post in my blog, and i'm going to post about my birthday..=)

1st of all, i would want to say


this is the most special bday i had before. i celebrated my birthday wif my friends at my house this year.

woke up early in the morning. kx reached my house so early, i'm even hvn had my breakfast yet. he was the 1st. then i waited at the living room after breakfast, waiting for them to come. about 10am, wy, hy, jw and jx reached, following by nic. we went upstairs and walked around, waiting for ky, she said she will be a little bit late cz her mom gt things to do.

after ky came, we played a while computer and then went donwstairs to help preparing our lunch. we had spagetti, potato salad, fried nugget, fried chicken ball and sparkling juice for lunch. when we waited kj to come, we opened the presents. a bit surprise that ky gave me a watch!!its nice.=)

started to make cookies after lunch.[i'm full..=.="..] made the cookies into any shapes we want. its a bit weird, why everyone was making pig shape?i made some cookies for daddy's birthday...=)..took a lots of pictures after made the cookies. they brought back the cookies they made. a lot of different shape..=.=" creative. i like ky's piggy cookies..haha~and hy's love cookies.=)

after that, we sat down at the living room to chat. kx and kj were already back. mom sent them back when she went to fetch sis. after they were all back, i started to clean all those things.then sat at the living room and waited for mom them to come back. actually was waiting for sis's phone to take pictures of all my presents.=P

had dinner wif my family at Rangers. so full. ate a small piece of cake after that. Chocolate Chip Walnut. delicious~[even i'm full..haha~]



hor yan..

sam, kai wen and wee jian...

daddy and mummy~

kai joe..

wei yan..

jing xin..

jie wei..

kai xian..

kah yan..nice right?mayb will wear it next year..=P...[they want me too..]
nw i'm very sleep and tired.
bt still need to say

Monday, November 8, 2010


2day, actualy planned dont want to go school, but hy say gt penyampaian hadiah for nilam so all of us went to school. my name on the certificate is wrong!!
then we stay at moral class play Snap.

i receive my 1st bday present 2day. thnx to Shi Jer, Kai Wen and Wee Jian. =)

2 more days to go..waiting...=)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

the video`

Viva La Vida Night

went to watch ding's performance yday. AWESOME!good job ding!=)

that event is call Viva la Vida, organised by PharmNotts

the 1st performance was that damn bored band. so noisy and non-sense, just like wat ding said:" he dare to go up the stage wif that kind of voice!". the 2nd performance was a choir, performing Justin Bieber's Baby. quite ok. the 3rd one was another band. it was quite noisy, but better then the 1st one. at least the girl's voice still ok.

and the following performance was orchestra.NICE!!the second performance of the orchestra was familiar, bt i cant remember. mayb is from La Corda.=) and..its ding's turn~waited so long to see her dancing..ohoho~finally!

can you spot ding?hehe~


the orchestra..

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


went to see aki's performance 2day. GOOD JOB!!=)
going to upload the video 2mrw..nw aki want to use.
so tired...wanna sleep nw..tata~nitez!

gt saw that senior..=)